ICHME 4 First Announcement

Fourth International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education (ICHME4)

Turin, Italy, 23-26 September, 2015

We are calling for papers for this fourth conference to carry on the successful works initiated in Iceland (2009) and continued in Portugal (2011) and Uppsala (2013). Abstracts of proposed contributions (length: about one page with essential bibliography) should be submitted by 10 April 2015. The decision about acceptance will be communicated by 15 May 2015. Submission of abstracts, and later of papers, will be done via the conference website:

The conference

The history of mathematics education has become a well-established research area, since first becoming visible internationally at ICME 10 in 2004, in Copenhagen, as the TSG 29. The first international journal devoted to this field of study, the International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education, has been published since 2006. The history of mathematics education became a subject of interest in various international meetings, for instance at the ESU-5 (Prague, 2007) and ESU-6 (Vienna, 2010), at the CERME meetings, and at ICME 11 (Monterrey, 2008, TSG 38), ICME 12 (Seoul, 2012, TSG 35) and HPM 2012 (Daejong, 2012).

The first specialized research conference, entitled “On-going Research in the History of Mathematics Education”, held in Garðabær near Reykjavík (Iceland) in 2009, led to a series of such specialized conferences. We are now organizing the fourth international conference, this time in Turin, Italy.

Founded in 1404, the University of Turin is one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian universities. Hosting some 70,000 students, 4,000 academic, administrative and technical staff, and 1,800 post-graduate and post-doctoral students, the University of Turin promotes culture and research, innovation, teacher training and entry into employment. The University of Turin has a remarkable research tradition in subjects such as the mathematical, physical and natural sciences, history and philosophy, law, economics and medicine. In the field of mathematics it boasts a long-lasting tradition, including illustrious Maestri such as Carlo Ignazio Giulio, Quintino Sella, Rodolfo Bettazzi, Giuseppe Peano, Corrado Segre, Giovanni Vailati, Alessandro Terracini, Guido Ascoli and Tullio Viola, who were strongly interested in problems pertaining to mathematics education.

The themes treated in the former conferences were in particular: development of mathematics education in specific countries, practices of teaching, mathematics textbooks, teacher education and transmission and reception of ideas, geometry teaching, algebra teaching, teaching of calculus, interdisciplinarity and contexts, the modern mathematics movements, curricula history (see the Proceedings for more details).

Those proposing abstracts will have wide freedom of choice, but in order to stimulate research in areas that are less explored, new topics such as teacher journals and teacher education are suggested.

The publication of the Proceedings is planned. Papers will be peer-reviewed.

Scientific committee:

  • Kristín Bjarnadóttir (Iceland)
  • Fulvia Furinghetti (Italy)
  • Livia Giacardi (Italy)
  • Erika Luciano (Italy)
  • Johan Prytz (Sweden)
  • Gert Schubring (Brazil/Germany)

With the scientific support of Ferdinando Arzarello, president of ICMI.

Further information about the conference and accommodation in Turin will be available on the conference website:

Registration and conference fees

Through 15 June 2015, the fees are 160 Euros, after that date the fees will be 190 Euros. Last day of registration and payment is 29 August 2015. Registration will be done via the conference website.

Proceedings of the ICHMEs

Paedagogica Historica, Special Issue: History of Teaching and Learning Mathematics, ed. by Gert Schubring, 2006, XLII: IV&V (Proceedings of TSG 29 at ICME 10).

Bjarnadóttir, Kristín; Furinghetti, Fulvia & Schubring, Gert (Eds.) (2009). “Dig where you stand”. Proceedings of the conference on On-going research in the History of Mathematics Education. Reykjavik: University of Iceland – School of Education.

Bjarnadóttir, Kristín; Furinghetti, Fulvia; Matos, José & Schubring, Gert (Eds.) (2012). “Dig where you stand” 2. Proceedings of the conference on the History of Mathematics Education. Lisbon, Universidade Nova, 2012.

Bjarnadóttir, Kristín; Furinghetti, Fulvia; Prytz, Johan & Schubring, Gert (Eds.) (2015). ”Dig where you stand” 3. Proceedings of the third conference on the History of Mathematics Education. Uppsala: Department of Education, Uppsala University.


Livia Giacardi:

Erika Luciano: