List of Reports, Communications, Posters

Research Reports

1. Alfonsi, Liliane (University of Paris Sud), French Mathematical Textbooks in the 18th Century: from “Why?” to “How?” Learn Mathematics

2. Barbin, Evelyne (University of Nantes), The Role of the ‘Geometrie der Lage’ of Theodor Reye for the Teaching of a « Modern Geometry » (1866-1900)

3. Bråting, Kajsa (Uppsala University), Österman, Tove (Uppsala University), The Development of the Swedish School System in View of John Dewey's Distinction between Logical and Psychological Aspects of Learning

4. De Young, Gregg (American University of Cairo), Printing Geometry Textbooks in Persian in 19th Century Iran

5. Gavagna, Veronica (University of Salerno), A Case Study on the Teaching of Mathematics in the Italian Renaissance: Niccolò Tartaglia and his ‘General Trattato’

6. Giacardi, Livia (University of Turin), Raspitzu, Margherita (University of Turin), Beppo Levi and the Teaching of Mathematics at the Various School Levels: Methodological Aspects, Influences of Scientific Research and Publishing Initiatives

7. Gispert, Hélène (University of Paris Sud), Studying Teaching Journals and Journals for teachers: a Fruitful Perspective for the History of Circulation of Mathematics

8. Karp, Alexander (Columbia University), On Russia's National Subcommittee in the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction

9. Kilpatrick, Jeremy (University of Georgia), Changing Directions: the "Second Round" of the School Mathematics Study Group

10. Krüger, Jenneke (University of Utrecht), Periodicals for Mathematics Teachers: the Netherlands, 1754 - 1904

11. Luciano, Erika (University of Turin), Mathematics and Race in Turin: the Jewish Community and the Local Supply of Education (1848-1945)

12. Millan Gasca, Ana (University of Roma Tre), Mathematics and Children's Minds: the Role of Geometry in the European Tradition from Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827) to Charles Laisant (1840-1920)

13. Monaghan, Susan (Syracuse University), Mathematics Textbook Adoptions in a Large Urban School District in the United States, 1950-2012: Curriculum, Community or Corporation?

14. Moussard, Guillaume (University of Nantes), Standardization of the Place of Problems in French Geometry Textbooks along 19th Century

15. Prytz, Johan (Uppsala University), What Was New About New Math? Stability and Change in Swedish Curriculum Documents and Textbooks, 1962–1980

16. Rogers, Leo (Mathematics Education Researcher), Research Influence on the Development of Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Schools in UK (1960-1979)

17. Schubring, Gert (Universität Bielefeld/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Mathematics Teaching in the Process of Decolonization

18. Smid, Harm Jan (TU Delft), Johan Wansink and His Role in Dutch Mathematics Education

19. Soares, Flávia (Universidade Federal Fluminense), The Teaching of Mathematics in the Periodical Press in Rio de Janeiro in the Nineteenth Century

Short Communications

1. Almeida, Mária (UIED, Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Modern Mathematics Reform in Portugal: the Preparation of Mathematics Teachers

2. Benstein, Nadine (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), Descriptive Geometry as School Subject in Germany

3. Binaghi, Rita (University of Turin), Mathematics, Architecture and Engineering from the Ancien Régime to 1848

4. Bjarnadóttir, Kristín (University of Iceland), Royaumont – Proposals on Arithmetic and Algebra Teaching

5. Boucard, Jenny (University of Nantes), Number Theory in Teaching Mathematical Journals: the Case of Nouvelles Annales de Mathématiques (1842-1927)

6. Bruneau, Olivier (University of Lorraine), Maths in Metz: the Circulation of Mathematics Teachers and Mathematics in Metz (France) around 1800

7. Candeias, Rui (UIED, Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Mathematics in Training Programs for Primary School Teachers (1926-1974)

8. Canepa, Giuseppe (University of Genoa), Fenaroli, Giuseppina (University of Genoa), Scoth, Roberto (University of Cagliari), Salvatore Ortu Carboni (1859-1939) and the Debate on the Teaching of Mathematics in the Secondary School in Italy

9. Christiansen, Andreas (Stord Haugesund University College), The Function of a Preface: the Contextual Information and Didactical Foundation Described in the Preface of a Textbook in Arithmetics from 1825

10. Furinghetti, Fulvia (University of Genoa), Shaping the identity of mathematics teacher: the journals addressed to mathematics teaching published in Italy after the unification of the nation

11. Guichelaar, Jan (University of Amsterdam), Pythagoras, a Dutch Mathematical Magazine for High School and College Students, and Teachers of Mathematics

12. González-Ruiz, Ignacio (University of Salamanca), González, María Teresa (University of Salamanca), Molina, Marta (University of Granada), Historical Study of the Notion of Equivalence Relation on Teachers’ Training in Spain

13. Menghini, Marta (University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’), Precision and Approximation Mathematics for Teacher Education: the Lecture Course of Guido Castelnuovo and the Influence of Felix Klein

14. Oller, Antonio M. (Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza), The Problem Section of El Progreso Matemático

15. Patergnani, Elisa (University of Ferrara), The Teaching of Mathematics in the Italian Artillery Schools in the Eighteenth Century

16. Pejlare, Johanna (University of Gothenburg), On the Relationships between the Geometric and Algebraic Ideas in Duhre’s Textbooks of Mathematics, as Reflected Via Book II of Euclid’s Elements

17. Picado, Miguel (National University of Costa Rica), Mathematics Textbooks for Teacher Training in Spain in the Second half of Nineteenth Century: the Metric System Implantation

18. Pizzarelli, Chiara (University of Turin), Teaching of Mathematics in School Periodicals: the Case of the Piedmont (1849-1894)

19. Puig, Luis (University of Valencia), A German in Valencia, Spain. An Episode of the Teaching of Algebra in 16th Century

20. Rabelo, Rafaela Silva (University of Sao Paulo), Brazilian Educators in the Teachers College Columbia University: Circulation and Appropriations in Mathematics Education Field, 1920s and 1930s

21. Sanz Garcia, Maria T. (University of Valencia), Descriptive Problems of Fractions

22. Vanpaemel, Geert (KU Leuven), De Bock, Dirk (KU Leuven), Intuitive Geometry in Belgium (1945-1960)

23. Volkert, Klaus (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), The Rise of „Stoffdidaktik“ in Germany 1950-1980 and the Role Played in it by the Journal „Mathematisch-physikalische Semesterberichte“

24. Xavier, João Pedro (University of Porto), Pinho, Eliana Manuel (University of Porto), Olivier String Models and the Teaching of Descriptive Geometry


1. Atanasyan, Sergey (Moscow City Pedagogical State University), Safuanov, Ildar (Moscow City Pedagogical University), On the History of School Mathematical Education and Preparing Mathematics Teachers in Moscow during Social and Economic Changes

2. Atanasyan, Sergey (Moscow City Pedagogical State University), Safuanov, Ildar (Moscow City Pedagogical University), On the History of Preparing Mathematics Teachers in Moscow in the Last Two Decades (1995-2015)

3. Palladino, Nicla (University of Palermo), Elementary Geometry and Teaching: from Triangles to Interactive Geometry